Sweet Christmas!

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A cute, hilarious, bush Christmas book!


When the neighbour’s dog steals the Christmas chook, everyone falls about laughing, except for Dad, who has to get it back! Riotous shenanigans ensue, and while Alfie’s ahead by a nose, eventually everything comes up smelling like roses, or smelling like something, at any rate!

Sweet Christmas! is a hilarious bush poem by Australian poet, C S Hughes, with cute and funny pictures by UK illustrator, Aisha Haider. Presented in a glorious, fully illustrated, full sized, full colour, 40 page book. Read it to the kids, or teach them to recite it!

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4 reviews for Sweet Christmas!

  1. C S Hughes

    Having wrote this book, and read it several times, while accidentally snorting coffee out my nose while laughing at the pictures, I can highly recommend it (except the coffee snorting part – that was a bit horrible.)

  2. K. Ratcliffe

    I can see this becoming a popular Christmas poem with my kids! Great colourful pictures and fun story.

  3. Fotoula Reynolds

    Sweet Christmas is just that – Sweet!
    A delightful and funny story that is not just for the young. Excellent illustrations and definitely one to leave the coffee table to share with visitors.

  4. Clare Rolfe

    Brilliant fun.. reminded me of bush ballads and the great joy of warm Christmas days full of fun. Illustrations are wonderful – a great read.

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